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Adryrn. Gender neutral. 22. Currently a student majoring in English Literature and also studying German and Chinese. Enjoys reading, writing, drawing, cosplay, pretty clothes, and cities.


Shion and Nezumi from No. 6~~!! 

I remember you two! <3 I was the Mello cosplayer who took your picture on Friday. *digs through your cosplay tag*… AND on Sunday when you were Momiji from Fruits Basket, and I didn’t even recognize you XD…

Nothing Is Real: Morbid Curiousity ↘


Toi8 has down illustration work for the No.6 anime series and I love his work. He also did a Live Painting which I’ve posted the link to below:


Nothing Is Real: Multi-Purpose Cosplay ↘
http://no6confessions.tumblr.com/post/72710372535/crowmunculus-reasons-nezushi-is-important-on-a ↘


reasons nezushi is important on a metatextual level

-queer protags who are not rich white boys from the suburbs, in a plot that is not about being persecuted for being queer

-that Nezumi and Shion both being boys is the least noteworthy thing about their relationship - it’s…

^A huge part of why I love this series o__o.