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The Lost Art of Dress review/summary

Linda Przybyszewski’s The Lost Art of Dress is a fascinatingly peculiar book that seems to want to simultaneously be a style guide, a history text, and a polemic against the way people have dressed since the sixties. It contains a lot of helpful insight into how the sensibilities resulting in the perfectly assembled outfits of the first half of the twentieth century were formed (which can also be applied to lolita and other alternative styles in spite of the author’s distaste for current fashion), and how one can nurture and hone such sensibilities today. At the same time, the ugly contradiction of the human body as the standard of beauty clothing design should revolve around which should nonetheless be mostly concealed (because apparently the exact shape of one’s body is inherently privileged information and/or an eyesore, depending on the author’s mood or how fat someone is) serves as a reminder of why so many people abandoned the mindset exhibited in this book.

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